Hum Hain Raahi
Pyaar Ke
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Romantic Comedy
Pilot Ready

A serial in 52 episodes. A young and youthful romance with a difference ! Set agaisnt the backdrop of an arts institute - the serial deals with the love, life, smiles and tears of a group of youngsters... and their efforts to forge a great future... Tom Alter, Sushma Prakash, Hussain, Dilip, Devika, Radhika
Hussain & Radhika MenonHussein & Dilip Thadeshwar The serial is also about the staff and trustees of the institute... about politics and heartburns...
about people who want to forget their past !
A soap with an unusual Fragran

Pilot episode features :
Tom Alter, Divya Seth, Sushama Prakash,
Yatin Karyekar, Amar Talwar,
Dilip Thadeshwar,Hussain,Abhay Punyani,
Devika Shahani, Radhika Menon
& a bunch of youngsters.
Sushama Prakash & Divya SethAmar Talwar & Rupal Patel
In association with Iris Productions

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