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Valentine Day Special
TRP : 7.5

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A zany love story between 8 people where A loves B,
B loves C, C loves D and so on - a cyclical romance
including a dog and a bitch.
Sohrab Ardershir & Navneet Nishaan
Navneet Nishaan & Sohrab Ardershir Matters of heart are sorted out on the launch of their music group on Valentine Day !
A Valentine Day special episode featuring :
Roshan Abbas, Navneet Nishaan, Sohraab Ardershir,
Iravati Harshe, Karan Oberoi, Dilip Thadeshwar,
Devika Shahani, Rajeev Paul, Reena Kapoor &
Subodh Kumar
Rajeev Paul & Devika Shahani















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