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68 Pages
Yours Emotionally!
Chakkad Bakkad Bumbe Bo
Gulabi Aaina (The Pink Mirror)

'68 Pages' is an emotional film about people who are HIV positive and how the society discriminates them because of their HIV/AIDS status.   A trans-cultural romantice set in UK and small town India; about sensitive & sensible men fighting stereotypes from their own corners -  an unusual drama around love, spicy passions & sex.    A fun-filled adventure set in a picturesque Konkan village uncorrupted by modern metropolitan hustle-bustle. Four kids, a dog and a monkey while having their own idyllic holiday are caught up in the evil web of a smuggling mafia don.   Men bring out the best in queens… and sometimes the worst. Two fading drag queens and a gay teenager try to seduce a handsome hunk.    
68 Pages
Yours Emotionally! Chakkad Bakkad... Gulabi Aaina


Pyaar Ki Kashti Mein *
Krisshna Arjun *
Apna Apna Style *
Dawn *

Setting sail on an exciting journey of romance, fun, frolic, humour and drama -  on a luxury cruiseliner off Singapore & Malaysia.   Two private detectives - Krisshna, a haughty girl and Arjun, a charismatic bubbly guy - are out to solve cases of crime in Mumbai - a la Remington Steele, this serial is an adventure thriller with loads of humour and attitude.   A clash of tradition and values lead to hilarious situations and great fun - a zany sitcom.   A dramatic serial in English about a beautiful romance between a tea plantation owner and a servant girl set against the backdrop of the freedom struggle in Assam during the 1940s.





Pyar Ki Kashti Mein
Krisshna Arjun
Apna Apna Style Dawn

Mini Series

India Unveiled *
Kahani Jurrm Ki *
- The Cupboard, Agwaah
Haqeekat *
- Police Story, Dowry

This program takes you from unexplored natural wonders to exotic holiday hideaways and leaves you amazed by what this incredible country has to offer.   A con man Bijlani who disguises himself as a sadhu is vying for a plot of land and he is ready to kill for it. His kink - he buries women alive inside a cupboard.   A look into the call girl racket - An innocent teenager falls under the seduction of a call girl who kidnaps him for a ransom. What she didn't bargain for was that the youth's father is a dreaded underworld don - who is ready to spill blood to rescue his son.   Stories in Haqeeqat revolve around human rights violations in India. The arms of the law enforcing agencies themselves perpetrate many of these, making it a case of real concern.
India Unveiled
The Cupboard

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68 Pages


The Pink Mirror
(Gulabi Aaina)


Yours Emotionally!


Happy Hookers



Golmaal Ghar *
Madhur Milan *
Jahan Pyaal Mile

- Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai?
- Bugs ~ Bunny
- Mere Saamnewaali Khidki Mein
- Khamoshiyaan
- Ishq Hua, Kaise Hua?

- Bollywood Bite
- Bye Bye Bindu
- EMA (Exta Marital Affair)
- Masala Maami
- Piya Ka Ghar

A zany comedy about a 'family of errors' where the mother is a madam of a brothel, father is a penniless drunkard and the sister is a wayward pickpocket   A famous writer of thriller novels hates romance while his diabolically opposite aunt is a famous romantic novelist. When his aunt bequeaths him her house and he starts writing his thriller, somehow the entire story changes… a girl comes into his life and he falls in love.   Two friends in a hostel room - diametrically opposite of each other - Deep is in search of friendship, Rijju is in search of love from a family.    
Golmaal Ghar
Madhur Milan
Jahan Pyaar Mile
Two unlike youngsters in a hospital room - a bonding full of fights, laughter and tears - a bond so strong that it helps both of them to come out of their grief.   The girl in the opposite window - sometimes she is bubbly, sometimes she is angry, sometimes she is shy. Are they two different girls, twins or ghosts!   A soft and sensitive portrayal of a deaf and mute woman to win over her husband, who had rejected her on the wedding night… Vasudha uses her own ways and her own language to charm him - with her wit, humour, love and poetry!    A zany love story between 8 people where A loves B, B loves C and so on - a cyclical romance including a dog and a bitch.
Bugs ~ Bunny Mere Saamnewaali... Khamoshiyaan Ishq Hua, Kaise Hua?
Rocky comes from Ludhiana to become a Super Hero! Priya doesn't want to become a heroine; she wants to be a Super Vamp! A crazy comedy caper set against the backdrop of sleazy Bollywood!   Bindu is a housewife who takes over her husband's office after his death. Within three days she makes new rules, passes ten orders and makes all the employees' life miserable! In essence, she is a real Hitler!   A funny look at a modern hip couple: She wants a child; He wants an E.M.A.- extra marital affair!   A beautiful, middle-aged sweet and spicy south Indian Maami, with her three unwed daughters, being propositioned by men of all ages - 16 to 60 who fall for her 'adaayen', including every match who comes for the eldest daughter.   She, being an orphan, dreams of a happy piya ka ghar… but the problem is he too is an orphan.     
Bollywood Bite Bye Bye Bindu EMA (Exta Marital Affair) Masala Maami Piya Ka Ghar
Kagaar *
- Stalker
- Duvidha
- Unmaad
- Hostel
- Poornaviraam
- Loot
An innocent taxi driver is convicted of the murder of a cop… the cop's brother makes sure he gets a life imprisonment. Now after 8 years he is out …   A rapist and serial killer strikes again - but his latest victim escapes… A married woman is the only witness, but she cannot confess because she was with her secret lover at that time.   A friend of the husband who comes to stay for a few days falls in love with the wife! He kills the husband... and the wife comes to know…   A working hostel - an eerie hostel full of eccentric people: an old psychiatrist, a sexually repressed woman, a homosexual and a schizophrenic girl.   A celebrity writer is being threatened by a character from his book. The character is mad and has escaped from the asylum! Four teenage drug-addicts rob a bank. One is shot dead. Three escape with the 'loot'. But soon they discover they have been conned - the loot in the trunk is just old newspapers!  
Stalker Duvidha Unmaad Hostel Poornaviraam Loot
Television Pilots

Kyon Tiger
I I you Mrs Chari
Deewane Toh Deewane Hain
Kyon Tiger I I you Mrs Chari Deewane Toh...
Awareness Films

Bridges of Hope
On Wings of Hope
Bridges of Hope On Wings of Hope Surmanthan

Music Video

We Are Indians

Radio Spot


We Are Indians

Commercials & Promos

Sawaal Dus Karod Ka
Rupa Frontline Vests
Mann (film)
Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (film)

Six promos for Zee TVs Game show - Sawaal Dus Karod Ka   Commercial for Rupa Frontline   Commercial for LIC's Jeeven Suraksha, a pension plan   Making and corporate video of film Mann   Making and corporate video of film  Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge
Sawaal Dus Karod Ka Rupa Frontline Vests LIC Mann Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge
Corporate Films

Johnson Tiles, Godrej Furniture
Brown Papers, Cadence
Bieco Electricals, Akar Group
Esteem Diamonds, Gharda Pigments
Corporate AV fof Johnson Tiles' Marbonite, Porcelano
  Corporate AV for Godrej Furniture and office modular spaces   NSDL's launching corporate AV   Corporate AV for Konica- PHIL   Corporate AV for Brown Paper products
Johnson Tiles Godrej Furniture NSDL Konica Brown Papers

* Produced by other production houses, directed by Sridhar Rangayan
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