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Men bring out the best in queens… and sometimes the worst !

A unique film coming from India where homosexuality is still taboo, The Pink Mirror (Gulabi Aaina), is a colorful funny look into the Indian homosexual closet.

It pits two Indian drag queens against a westernized gay teenager in a battle to woo a handsome hunk. It's a clash of the east and west. Who will win? The drag queens who are expert in the art of seduction with their wit, innuendo and cunning or the young teenager who is saucy, slutty and sly?

The Pink Mirror (Gulabi Aaina) is a mute witness to their happiness, jealousies, passion and anguish.

Underneath the campy humorous exterior, the film is an exploration of the Indian gay landscape and understanding of the deep, humanly tender bondings that exist between drag queens in India who form unique, non-patriarchal families..

Using the Bollywood soap idiom of song, dance and drama and for the first time in the Indian drag queens' very own language, Hindi, the film also explores other veiled issues related to the Indian gay community: the lurking threat of HIV/AIDS.

Screened to impressive audience turnouts at the Busan Asian Short Film Festival, South Korea as well as LGBT festivals in Europe (Turin Int. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival & Pink Apple Film Festival, Switzerland) and USA (San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival), the film has received wide media attention for being the first of its kind - a film on Indian drag queens - with positive features on BBC online, Gay, LGBT magazines & e-groups as well as Indian mainstream press.


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"The wonder is that it was not made before. The reality is that it is here now"

~ Ashok Row Kavi,
Gay Activist
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