Hauntingly Beautiful
~ Fire Island Q News, USA
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86 min, English, UK /India, 2005
Ajay Rohilla and Ikhlaq Khan

Premjit and Pratik Gandhi

A trans-cultural drama about
love, romance & passions

Produced by
Wise Thoughts, UK

Solaris Pictures, India

Directed by
Sridhar Rangayan

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Distributed by Waterbearer Films

Jack Lamport and Premjit

It has the deep-Indian
feel of an early
Merchant Ivory film

~ Kelly Vance, East Bay Guardian

Intoxicating queer
journey through India

~ Corey Eubanks, USA

Sridhar Rangayan's earlier film
Gulabi Aaina
(The Pink Mirror)

Screened at 62 international festivals
Winner of BEST FILM award at
Fire Island Film Festival

Premjit and Pratik Gandhi
Pratik Gandhi and Iravati Karnik
Cast: Premjit, Pratik Gandhi, Jack Lamport, Ikhlaq Khan, Ajay Rohilla, Iravati Karnik and others.


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